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Saebo Free Assessment

City physiotherapy clinic are pleased to offer you the opportunity to try any of the Saebo products for free at one of our assessment days.

Please contact us for information on the next Saebo assessment day, please submit a Saebo Assessment Enquiry here or call us on 0121 411 9626.

Saebo Rehabilitation

Saebo’s Functional Dynamic Neurological Orthoses allow patients with very little residual arm and hand function to immediately begin performing highly repetitive grasp and release activities.

The main aims of the Saebo products are to:

  • Allow patients to use arm and hand functionally
  • Decrease learned nonuse of the arm and hand
  • Increase learned use of the arm and hand
  • Reduce spasticity
  • Improve the patients range of movement/strength/control
  • Reduce your risk of falling
  • Improve the patients quality of life

City physiotherapy clinic are able to offer you the opportunity to try any of the Saebo products for free at one of our assessment days.


The SaeboFlex allows people who have suffered with Stroke, Head Injury, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury or Cerebral Palsy and been left with very little residual arm and hand movement the chance to immediately begin to practice grasp and release activities, thereby forging new pathways in the brain. This form of treatment that is carried out at City Physiotherapy Clinic is based around research documenting the brain’s remarkable ability to re-programme itself after injury.

See the SaeboFlex in use:



The SaeboReach is a dynamic custom-fabricated (EWHFO) Elbow Wrist Hand Finger Orthosis. The SaeboReach consists of a combination of the SaeboFlex and a custom-fabricated above elbow component. One of the main features of the SaeboReach is the elbow extension system. The elbow extension system assists with straightening the elbow during functional reaching.

See the SaeboReach in use:


SaeboStretch - Dynamic resting hand splint

Utilising a low-load, long duration stretch, the SaeboStretch will reposition the fingers into their original position of extension.

SaeboStretch SaeboStretch

Traditional splints

These are classically hard, uncomfortable and make it difficult to overcome issues like pain, deformity, hypermobility and contractures

splint splint


  • The SaeboStretch comes with three interchangeable hand pieces. Each one offers a different resistance.
  • This variability allows you to match your patient specific needs.
saebo range

See the SaeboStretch in use: