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Neurological Treatment

FES (functional electrical stimulation)

A pioneering treatment used to aid people who have sustained damage to their brain or spinal cord, enabling movement of their limbs more easily. Used in walking, the technique uses tiny electrical impulses via pads to stimulate the nerves that supply the paralysed muscle. It helps the common problem of ‘dropped foot’ and aims to help improve mobility.

The ODFS (Odstock dropped foot stimulator) unit consists of two electrode pads, one positioned on the leg and a footswitch that is inserted into the shoe. A unit is attached onto a belt or in the client’s pocket, helping to lift the ‘dropped foot’ through the ‘swing’ phase of walking. Reducing the effort of walking, improving confidence and reducing the likelihood of tripping or falling.

FES can be used as exercise therapy to manage tight and/or weak muscles in the arm, hand, or shoulder. FES benefits many patients with neurological conditions including; Stroke, Multiple sclerosis, Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Parkinsons’ Disease. A thorough assessment takes place in order to determine if the patient is appropriate for FES.


The SaeboFlex® is a bespoke splint for the arm and hand. It aims to benefit patients in their rehabilitation post neurological injury who have lost the use of their hand and arm, for example, following a Stroke.

The SaeboFlex® is specifically designed to train grasp and release activities. Our trained clinician is able to carry out a full assessment for provision if the patient meets the criteria. In addition to this, a personalised therapeutic exercise programme is provided in order to aid recovery.