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Shin splints

Shin Splints is the name given to pain along the inside of the shin bone, it is a common injury complaint for long distance runners.

Physiotherapists will carry out a full assessment, and also look at your running style.

At City Physio Clinics, we have trained Physiotherapists that are also runners themselves. If you wish to be treated by a professional that has running experience please mention this when booking your appointment.

Calf pain

The calf is made up of two muscles called gastrocnemius (closest to the knee) and soleus (sits below gastroc). Damage to either of these muscles would result in sudden onset of pain, swelling may follow, and you are likely to find it difficult to walk.

The best first hand treatment for this injury is the P.R.I.C.E regime:

  • Protection from making the injury worse. This may include rest or crutches
  • Rest this will allow the healing process to continue
  • Ice this causes a narrowing of the blood vessels and therefore prevents any unnecessary excessive bleeding and swelling. Ice should never be applied directly to the skin.
  • Compression can easily be carried out with tubi-grip, this will help reduce the swelling
  • Elevation raising the injured limb in order to drain the fluid into the lymphatic system

This type of injury usually responds well to physiotherapy input and advice. If this is a running injury, please mention this when booking an initial assessment with City Physio Clinics.